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Three Cybersecurity Lessons to Learn from the Fractured Fairy Tale – Snow White

I chanced upon this Youtube video: Fractured Fairy Tale – Snow White. As the title implies, it’s not your typical Snow White story.

While I wouldn’t say the video is exactly child friendly, I would recommend to use it for Cybersecurity Awareness Programme.

In fact, I drew three import Cybersecurity lessons from the it. 

  1. Cybersecurity attacks are seldom done in isolation. Attackers employ a combination of attacks to succeed. This is akin to the 7 dwarves using a combination of Social Engineering and Trojan horse attacks on the wicked queen.
  2. Social engineering attacks come in all shapes & sizes. They play to human’s weakness. The dwarves made use of the wicked queen’s vainess to con her into parting away with her riches.
  3. Trojan horse is an old but effective form of attack. The coin operated mirror was something that the wicked queen trusted for dishing out advice. Often, we were tricked into installing a software or opening an attachment from a ‘trusted’ source.

Let me know if there were more lessons you could learn from the video.