Theatres cutting down on movies listing ads

Take a good look at this Sunday, one-third page movie listing ad. Spot any difference?

There’re three key interesting things to take note. Firstly, it’s only one-third page. Well, one could argue it’s Sunday. But really, is it a sign that cinemas are cutting down on their movie listing ads budget?

Secondly, the largest cinema chain, Golden Village (GV) is conspicuously missing from the ad. What does this mean? Are they relying on their website and smartphone/tablet apps to reach out to audiences instead?

Lastly, notice that Cathay smartly relies on the QR code to have readers go to their website for the full listing. Perhaps they still wish to reach out to newspaper reading folks while cutting down on advertising costs and also appearing cool and using new technology.

Whatever the case is, this doesn’t sound good to our MSM that relies heavily on the advertising dollar!


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