Marketing Done Right

Disclaimer: I’m not a marketing professional. These are my personal views written in my private capacity.

I’ve a mailer from Golden Village recently. They were organizing a movie screening event named: Mums & Babies. This set me thinking: their marketing folks or planning folks are indeed working harder/smarter than Cathay, Eng Wah or Shaw.

A few years ago, they had a movie event with the show “Music & Lyrics”. It targeted couples. There was food before the show.

And then, there was another event targeting marrying couples. I remember this as a wedding planner gave a talk before the show. But oddly, I can’t recall the movie title. The wedding planner was sharing how they organized fireworks at Sentosa for one of their client to propose.

And fast forward now, they’re at it again, targeting families. How often as a parent you would want to catch a movie but there’s no one to help babysit or how badly you wished you could bring your infant along to the theatres without fear of people complaining of the baby crying?

Trust GV to come up with this idea to hold the event on a weekday late morning. All of the sudden, it became pro-family or a family friendly establishment. And it wouldn’t hurt their bottom line as typically the people watching movies at 11 am weekdays are little.

I realized then they had a plan. They were weaving themselves into our lives: critical milestones of our lives. From courtship to ready for marriage and now parenthood. While I didn’t make it to the movie, they succeeded in making me a more loyal customer.


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