How the mighty fall and why people don’t learn?

Jim Collins’ research on How The Mighty Fall tries to explain how did those too-big-to-fail companies such as Motorola and HP fail. The 5 stages of decline, could arguably, also be used on sportsmen. It’s an interesting read with lessons worth learning from. Unfortunately, why do we keep seeing the same history repeating itself? How did Motorola, the company who invented mobile phone end up having to spin off its mobile arm? Why did Nokia, not learning from Motorola’s mistakes, became the next mobile brand that became unpopular?

Why did HP board members feel that changing CEOs frequently would help to bring HP back to its original glory days? And Yahoo, it’s exclamation mark, is glaringly missing from its brand now. Does Yahoo still excites you? Frequent changing of CEOs doesn’t help in boosting staff morale. Furthermore, these new CEOs aren’t coming from within, to investors, aren’t this worrying since it may suggest that no one within the organization is capable enough to take control? For the staffs, isn’t it time to move on since no matter how long or how loyal or how capable you are, the board doesn’t look like they’re willing to give you a chance to perform?

Closer to home, Creative, the company that brought the world sound blaster, seems to be in decline ever since their MP3 player decision. Its latest dable into tablet, seems to me like it is positioning itself as the OEM for OEM. Interesting, but does the world need another Android player?

Every time each of these big & mighty companies make a blunder, don’t you wonder if they ever spend some time to read and learn? Or were they too busy in finding quick fixes?


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