Privacy on Facebook

I suppose some Facebook users ain’t that into privacy, in particular, their own privacy. Sometimes its the lack of knowledge, sometimes its the mindset.

A school of thought being since I’m on social media, I’m here to tell the world about myself, hence, the lack of need to protect my information. But this is not true, since we don’t live in an ideal world. There’re people on Facebook who can’t wait to prey on your generosity to harvest your personal particulars to their advantage. There’re also criminals who love it when you check into every single place you’re at, so that they could stalk you or track you down.

So a little bit of protecting your privacy goes a long way. Better safe than sorry.

#1 – use https instead of http when logging onto Facebook; by default, you’ll be using http, so do yourself a flavor and enable https.

Enabling HTTPS for Facebook

#2 – control your privacy settings, unless you truly want to be visible to the entire Facebook‘s population, else select options such as: Friends of Friends, Friends Only or Only Me.

Filter your Facebook privacy settings

#3 – allow only your friends to see your check-ins & hide yourself from being shown in the list of people at the check-in place.

Friends only

#4 – prevent yourself from being searchable in search engines; lost friends can find you via search in Facebook, if he’s a friend of friend.

Disable public search of your Facebook profile

#5 – prevent your information from being obtained when friends use apps and websites.

Unselect whatever you aren't comfortable in disclosing


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