Auditing is an important aspect in any decent enterprise system. The  important reward from auditing is perhaps – traceability. By having audit done, we are able to know who did what and when. Without audit, we are in the blind and we can’t find out what are the cause(s) when something goes wrong.

Modern databases boast exceptional auditing features. However, there is always a gap between what the DB audit functionality provides and the business auditing  needs. For example, DB audit can only record the CRUD done by a DB user account. Typically, the DB user account doesn’t map to a specific end-user account in the enterprise system that uses the DB. Moreover, businesses are more interested in knowing what business operations were performed by a particular user at a particular time, with the pre-and-post results. DB auditing won’t be able to capture such information.

If you know of any bridging framework or DB tools, do let me know!


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