HP LaserJet 1100 on Mac OS X 10.6.6

I’ve a trusty HP LaserJet 1100 that I use for printing on my Windows PC. Unfortunately, the PC (ironically, being newer than the printer) is “dying”. Typically, it takes me around a few minutes just to boot it up. I suspect it could be my PSU giving me problems, but I also can’t ignore the possibility of other faulty devices such as the floppy disk drive, HDD or DVDRW drive. So rather than trying to fix the PC, I thought why not hook up my printer to my iMac instead? At least then I can share the printer and have my MacBook print from it too.

Well, actually, I did thought of acquiring a new USB laser printer (color, WIFI/bluetooth). Nowadays such printers are going for a steal. But the issue was, the LaserJet 1100 is extremely durable, it is running faithfully until now, so really, I didn’t have a convincing reason to discard it, yet. So I thought, all I need to do is to go out, grab a USB-to-parallel port cable and that would fix everything. I made a big mistake out of this. Firstly, my printer is a HP, and it doesn’t use the normal centronics port. It’s a mini-centronics. So, I spent S$ 19 getting a cable that couldn’t fit to my printer.

Again, Google saves the day. With research, I struck jackpot, as expected, there’re people out there with my same situation. I guess we were all cursing & swearing on the weird standard that HP uses. In his page, Peter illustrated the available hardware options that could be taken. He also point to the page to get the required software. Since the cable is not suitable, I went out to get another, this time, it’s a USB-to-parallel (female) cable. Went to several shops selling cables, and my goodness, each quoted a higher price than my wrong cable! Finally, I managed to get one at S$ 16. Actually, it could be cheaper to get it from eBay with free international shipping, just that I couldn’t wait.

Anyway, I fixed up the cables, installed all the software, and started to add the printer. Initially, I couldn’t print any page at all, despite almost trying every available driver for LaserJet 1100. I googled again, and found a suggestion to restart/log-out-in. I did the log-out-in and miraculously, the printer works! I managed to print from PDF and MS Office 2011 for Mac. So far so good! Earlier, I read that some folks had to log off each time they need to print a new document, luckily I didn’t encounter this issue.

For now, the printer lives on!


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