What’s the future of MySQL?

Now that the Sun belongs to Oracle, what would happen to MySQL? Does it make economic sense for Oracle to keep investing in MySQL? What would happen to the customers, developers and community behind MySQL?

Although it makes good money sense to acquire Sun and therefore MySQL, is such a move really good for the consumers? Afterall, we have an option lesser now. Well not that we could really compare both DBMS on equal grounds, but at least there is an option for free and reliable DBMS when our needs aren’t enterprise level or mission critical.

Also, for those who had certified in MySQL, would their investments in both time and money be wasted?

There are a lot of open source applications out there running on MySQL database, whatever would happen to them?

Would a community version of MySQL be still available with the same level of developments and committments?

Would creativity be limited since there are lesser viable vendors now? The options are now either Oracle, IBM or Microsoft. Would this be really good for SMEs who can’t afford to pay for such enterprise solutions?

On the other hand, from a monetary point of view, open source is indeed a viable means of making good money. Afterall, a successful product may get acquired for good money!

Only time will tell of what would ever become of MySQL. Until then, I could only hope that my applications still runs free.

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