Monthly Archives: December 2009

Soft-skills: meeting

Over time, I come to realize and firmly believe that soft-skills are equally important as technical skills. And usually they can’t be acquired via books.

I had the great fortune to attend some meetings last year and recently that proved to be great lessons.

I learnt that one must be prepared for meetings; easier said than done. Most people would believe that they’re well prepared or their experience prepared them. Sadly these aren’t enough.

I’d one person who kept asking WHY even at the apparently simplest question. But these WHYs helped everyone to know and understand more about the discussed issues. It kept us on our toes to do deeper impact analysis, to probe further.

Another person taught me that any proposals during meetings must meet the intended results, be it security aspects or throughput results. And these need to be backed by scientific reasoning and not hunches.

Although it’s diffiult to be fully prepared for meetings, it does save everyone time and ourselves some moments of embarrassments if we are better prepared!

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