Monthly Archives: May 2009

Development with Process Builder

I’d seen people hardcoding the host name and port to their application servers whereby Webtop is hosted in the email templates (for workflow). This is error prone and not maintenance friendly. The JSP template had to be changed in different environments (UAT and production) and also runs risk of a typographical error.

There is a sample email template given in the Process Builder 6.5 Development Guide. In it, the DRL to the task was given as:


Although it was not explicitly explained, the tags table had an entry for alias. The format explained is alias.alias_set.alias_name. So in order to use this sample code, we’ve to create an alias set in DA using the name WebtopAlias and also create an alias name within the alias set called Webtop_HOSTPORT, and the value of this would be pointing to the application/web server and port whereby Webtop is hosted.

I did try to use the web_server_loc and web_server_port of the dm_server_config object, but even after setting the values to the application server & port, when the email was sent, the values were still displaying the content server’s host name and the default port 80!

I did the update using DQL, and I also did a API dump & save just to make sure that the values persist. Even after querying to verify that the values were updated, the results in the email sent weren’t correct.

Hence, I decided to follow what was given in the development guide. It’s properly written in this manner for a reason, and this could be why.