RTS Indexer shuts down by itself

We’ve this peculiar situation whereby the RTS Indexer module stops by itself. Strangely, there is no fixed pattern of occurrence to this. However, it does happened during the scheduled EMC NetWorker backup, and hence, we suspect that the stoppage could be due to the NetWorker.

Furthermore, we found from the rtsearch.log the following 4 lines:

  • RTSearch: RTSearch: Main threads closed.
  • RTSearch: RTSearch: Core threads closed.
  • RTSearch: File: X:\Documentum\data\fulltext/fixml/instance.lck locked
  • RTSearch: File: X:\Documentum\data\fulltext/fixml/instance.lck unlocked

Thereafter, no further logs were seen, until we manually restart the module.

After-note: we checked with the Networker guy and found that the Networker backup actually stops the index server while performing the backup and only brings it up after the entire backup ends. That explains why. Moreover, it is not recommended to have backup utilities running while the index server is running. But to stop the index server for backup, some downtime is involved!


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