Monthly Archives: October 2008

Useful DQL Queries: Lifecycles

What language is being used for the entry criteria and actions in a specific lifecycle (T = Java, F = DocBasic):

select java_methods from dm_policy where object_name =

List all validated and installed lifecycles in the repository:

select object_name from dm_policy where
r_definition_state = 2

List my documents that are attached to a lifecycle, and display their current state number:

select object_name, r_policy_id, r_current_state from
dm_document where owner_name = USER


Useful DQL Queries: Object Types

Show any instances of a specific type in the repository:

select r_object_id, object_name from sop_doc

List the subtypes of a specific type:

select name from dm_type where super_name =

Useful DQL Queries: DocApps

Display the object IDs of all objects contained in a specific DocApp:

select application_object_id from dm_application where
object_name = ‘my_DocApp’

What is the version label of a specific DocApp:

select app_version from dm_application where
object_name = ‘my_DocApp’

Useful DQL Queries: Architecture

How many concurrent connections are allowed by the Content Server:

select concurrent_sessions from

What is the default location for server log files:

select log_location from dm_server_config

List the machine names where connection brokers reside:

select projection_targets from dm_server_config

What is the oldest client version from which the repository will accept a connection (0 = any version):

select check_client_version from dm_docbase_config

Useful DQL Queries: Searching

List all searchable attributes:

select attr_name, type_name from dmi_dd_attr_info
where is_searchable = 1 order by type_name

List all searchable dm_document attributes:

select attr_name from dmi_dd_attr_info where
is_searchable = 1 and type_name = ‘dm_document’

Display information about the full-text index:

select * from dm_fulltext_index

Useful DQL Queries: Object Security

Display the folder security settings for this repository (0 = disabled, 1 = enabled):

select folder_security from dm_docbase_config

Show the default ACL mode for the Content Server:

select default_acl from dm_server_config

List the objects associated with this permission set:

select object_name from dm_sysobject where acl_name =
‘internal_reviewers’ and acl_domain = ‘dsmith’

List the permission sets that specifically reference this user:

select object_name, owner_name from dm_acl where
any r_accessor_name = ‘fred’

Useful DQL Queries: Groups and Roles

List all roles in the system:

select group_name from dm_group where group_class =

List all users who are members of this group, including those who are members of groups contained in this group:

select i_all_users_names from dm_group where
group_name = ‘SalesDept’

List all groups a particular user can modify:

select group_name from dm_group where group_admin
= ‘Norman’ or owner_name = ‘Norman’